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Trails of Discovery Since 2003 many societies in the East Midlands area have created Church Trails at local churches, increasing the enjoyment of visitors and giving an insight into the art, architecture and contents of the church. In 2017 the trails became Children’s Trails to reflect the change to creating trails for other places of worship and historic buildings. However, due to the increasing diversity of trails, it was decided in February 2018 to now use the name Trails of Discovery. Trails of Discovery will encompass Children’s Trails at churches, other places of worship and other historic buildings, and a new type of trail that has been developed for people living with dementia, Memory Trails. This trail does not have the traditional question and answer sheet, but is a sheet providing prompts for conversation and to evoke memories based on a trail within a church. To find out more, and to download some of the trails, please click here to view the trails in the East Midlands area.